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Company Support

The support of your employer is absolutely essential to success in the INSEAD GEMBA programme. Even if the organisation isn't supporting you financially, your manager will have to endorse your time out of the office. To help you make your case, here are some of the GEMBA benefits that companies have mentioned to us over the years.

Download our EMBA Sponsorship Guide for more information on how to obtain your employer’s support.

Furthermore, the following elements of the curriculum will provide participants with tangible solutions to specific problems at their current work place:

Implementation Essays

Participants are required to choose three core courses on which to write an Implementation Essay. In the Implementation Essay, the participant identifies a situation in his or her firm which can be analysed with the help of concepts and tools developed in a particular core course. The participant is expected to analyse the situation and think through the possible changes. This methodology forces participants to reflect on the relevance of concepts and tools within their own business environment, rather than leaving it to possible future application.

Constructive feedback and cross-fertilisation

The programme includes 360-degree feedback to assess each participant’s leadership style, to help participants compare their self-perceptions with the observations of colleagues or others who know them well. Each participant also has the opportunity to spend some days observing a fellow participant at work. As each visit is returned, each participant has the opportunity to act as both host and guest. He or she will give feedback and write a reflection paper on the experience. This creates a powerful opportunity to learn from other (relevant) firms and situations.

Project / Thesis

Projects constitute a significant part of the programme. They provide the opportunity to apply many of the programme’s ideas and to add value to the participant and possibly to the firm. Projects are done in small teams, typically two or three people. Projects can be company sponsored: projects are often constituted by a real issue which a company is willing to open for investigation. Participants obviously are obliged to strict confidentiality. The sponsoring firm receives the participants, provides necessary information and facilitates interviews. The benefits for sponsoring firms can be substantial.


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