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Learning Methodology

The learning experience


The GEMBA has an intensive and rigorous academic curriculum that builds on your experience and talent. Our classes are therefore highly interactive. One role of the faculty is to tap into such experience and to encourage exchange of best practices and collective learning through active debate. In fact, at INSEAD we don't use the word "student" - we use "participant".


Management education is all about bridging theory and practice. This is particularly true in our GEMBA programme where participants alternate between the classroom and work. While our learning methods are firmly grounded in theory, they emphasise practical learning.

On campus, participants often learn through case studies, exercises and simulations, building on the unique features of a firm’s particular issues to arrive at general management concepts that can be readily applied to their own organisations. Such pragmatism is also emphasised through implementation essays and projects, where participants will apply what they have learned to their own work situation.

Multiple teaching formats

There is no single preferred teaching method at INSEAD. Our faculty is free to choose the method they believe fits best with the content of the session. You will, therefore, experience a wide variety of teaching styles and techniques, including case studies, computer simulations, role-plays, short videos, small group presentations, simulations and yes, lectures. What matters to INSEAD is not the method chosen but the result: the effectiveness of your learning experience.

Life-long learning

Your learning doesn’t stop with the programme. It is essential for executives to keep on developing themselves: this is why the INSEAD GEMBA is seen as the start of a life-long learning process. For example, our GEMBA alumni have the opportunity to return to campus every summer to take electives they may have missed. Also, our alumni association provides opportunities for ongoing exchange.





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